We would like to thank all the participants that submitted their projects. We received the applications of 17 high-quality projects. Evaluators evaluated the projects without knowing which institution and team was submitting it. All correctly registered projects were scored based on the following categories: complexity of the project implementation, originality of the idea and commercial or diagnostic potential. After the initial scoring, the top 6 project were invited for an interview where the applicants got the opportunity to present the scope and potential impact of the project. The committee met at the panel meeting where all different aspects were discussed and finally a joint decision was taken. Here we present you the winners of the Labena 10x Grant Challenge:

1st Prize

Dr. Marijana Šimić Jovičić, Children’s hospital Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

Project title: Cancer evolution under the selective pressure of chemotherapy in osteosarcoma patient

2nd Prize

Mrs. Nevena Milivojević, University of Kragujevac, Kragujevac, Serbia

Project title: Deciphering the effects of nanosized polystyrene particles using lab-on-chip technology and transcriptome profile

3rd Prize

Dr. Jelka Pohar, National institute of Biology, Slovenia

Project title: Single cell profiling of regulatory T cell subsets