For several years Labena Ltd. has been an active partner and supporter in regional science development. With our knowledge and expertise, we provide solutions for diagnostic, research and development laboratories throughout Southeastern Europe. We decided to go one step further and collaborate even closer with a broader research community.

In 2017 we announced our first Grant challenge that was devoted to digital droplet PCR technique (ddPCR). We were surprised by the positive response among the scientific community. The applications came from independent researchers as well as from recognized academic and clinical institutions throughout the region. Researchers from different areas like basic biochemistry, ecology, clinical diagnostics, and others, got the chance to solve their scientific problems with the use of ddPCR technology. At the same time, we got the opportunity to test the technology on various biological samples.

Results from these joint projects were presented on major scientific meetings and congresses in the region and their scientific publications are being prepared. These projects were the start of long-lasting collaborations, which still stand to this day. We are grateful to all the scientists that were guests in our Molecular biology laboratory for sharing their priceless scientific stories from which we learn every day.

This year Labena and 10xGenomics are giving you the opportunity to win a Grant challenge for projects conducting single cell analysis. We will grant a project which will give scientists insight into the depth of their scientific topics. 10xGenomics is a cutting-edge technology for single cell analysis which helps you reveal the full complexity of cellular diversity at the single cell resolution.  We encourage groups or individuals to write a proposal for a project, taking the opportunity to make novel discoveries using this new technology, and take advantage of unique capabilities that 10xGenomics single cell analysis has to offer.

There are many areas where the performance of these technique has better sensitivity, accuracy, and robustness in basic research and especially in clinical diagnostics development.

If you have a good idea with a scientific background to challenge 10xGenomics single cell analysis, take some time to submit your project proposal.

The Grant Committee will select a proposal where you will be given an opportunity to collaborate with our team of experts to review, start and complete your project. You will get the access to consult with a senior scientific technical advisor from 10xGenomics to help you with a design of an experiment, so will get the most from your information.

This is the time and place to upgrade your research.

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