Labena Ltd. was established in 1993 as a provider of laboratory equipment for the fields of pharmacy, medicine, and life sciences. Since then, we have expanded our knowledge and expertise to include high-end services, one of which is also provided by our Molecular biology laboratory situated in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The well-equipped laboratory enables various molecular biology techniques which among others also includes the technology for single-cell analysis.

Single cell analysis has been a revolutionary breakthrough in biology. Understanding cellular diversity has enabled significant insights into intracellular mechanisms and their applications to health and disease.

But for many researchers, single cell has been out of reach due to technical, cost-per-cell, and scalability challenges. 10xGenomics Chromium X technology makes single cell analysis easy, reliable, and scalable thanks to its proprietary Next GEM technology. The key to this technology is the ability to generate hundreds of thousands of single cell partitions, each containing an identifying barcode for downstream analysis. Combined with an innovative reagent delivery system and turnkey software analysis tools, we enable the discovery of previously inaccessible biological information.

The areas that have already shown the best benefit from single cell analysis are: Oncology, Immunology and Neuroscience.

Deep insight into tumor heterogeneity, fine resolution of immune system to the single cell level and gaining new perspectives on neural complexity are fields where most of the citations in scientific literature are present. But there is no reason that other areas of research shouldn’t benefit from single cell analysis.

By working in accordance with GMP and FDA guidelines we are already a trusted partner in ongoing industrial and research projects. Our aim is to keep providing solutions and support in the area of single cell analysis to a brother scientific community, either as a service of validating or developing a new diagnostic test or simply as a partner in your next research project.

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